How Long Does a Roof Last?

Are you having trouble deciding when to invest in a new roof replacement? You’re not alone. A major home improvement project like roof replacement isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It is important to understand how long yours is likely to last and what signs may indicate that it needs some attention sooner rather […]

What are Composition Shingles?

Composition shingles are a very popular roofing material in this area. they are so popular, that when a person refers to “shingles” they are almost always referring to composit shingles as opposed to the many other types of shingles that have traditionally been availible. Composition shingles are considered one of the most popular and cost-effective […]

What are roofing shingles made of?

Are you considering adding shingles to your home as part of a remodel or new construction project? Do you want to learn more about the materials used to make them? If so, then you’ve landed on the right blog. “What Are Roofing Shingles Made Of?” is your go-to resource for learning more about the components […]

How Big is a Square of Shingles?

Are you considering replacing your faulty roof and wondering how much material will be needed? The answer lies in understanding the basics of shingles, such as their size. Calculating your roof’s square footage can seem daunting, but you dont have to be a roofing industry professional to figure it out! In this post, we’ll go […]